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They were weighed, measured, & found wanting

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This day turned out to be an interesting day.  It started out normal, woke up, conference call, work, etc.  I went into the garage to get our GPS so that I could tell Brad the specifics on it.  While I was out there I noticed that Christian’s car looked a little different with the center console and glove compartment open with a couple of things on the seats.  I ignored it thinking that Christian was looking for something specifically and went about my typical day.  Later, while sitting in my office, my iTunes starting acting up on me for some reason so I went into Christian’s car to get my iPod.  That’s when I noticed my iPod and some CD’s were missing.  I searched my truck and realized my center console was up as well with CD’s missing also.  I double checked with Christian just to make sure she hadn’t been in the cars looking for something.  I told her, “Our cars were broken into.” I had to collect my thoughts to figure out what I was going to do next.  I double checked the house just to make sure I hadn’t brought it inside.  I didn’t want to call the police just for a few petty things.

After I collected my thoughts I had the idea to search craigslist just to see if the criminals were dumb enough to post it.  I went to the earliest postings on July 15th and found a picture of what I assumed was my iPod, posted at 4:58a.m.  The description read “I no longer use this ipod and need some quick cash please contact me.  Must meet in Lewisville.”  So out of curiosity I blocked my number and called just to see if it was my iPod.  An older male teenager answered and said, “yeah, I have to get rid of it pretty quick.”  I stayed calm and asked him about what type of songs were on there.  He waited awhile and couldn’t give me a clear answer.  I bargained with him and told him I would take it for $75.  He said he would take $75 and gave me an address which was less than a mile away from my house.  I told him I would be there in a few minutes but actually waited 30 minutes.

During that 30 minutes I got my serial number for my iPod and started getting non-emergency numbers for the police ready in my phone.  I went to the address he told me to meet him at, I parked down the street, went up to the house and a lady answered the door.  I told her I was there to look at an iPod.  She proceeded to tell me that there were no teenagers or iPods at that house.  She then asked about a car that was parked in front of her house that wasn’t mine.  I didn’t know at the time but it was the thief’s car.  He had given me the wrong address.  I called him back and he said he would meet me at a gas station around the corner instead.  He asked what I drove.  I lied and said a red Toyota Corolla.  I drove to the gas station and they pulled up after I did.  I saw 5 people in the car and I walked up to them.  They didn’t get out, they just showed me the iPod.  I asked if I could listen to it just to make sure it worked.  They obviously didn’t think things through because they so happened to play one of my personal friends, Aaron Ivey’s, song, “Found” and Kristian Stanfill’s “Faithful”!!!.  I said, “Ok, cool.  I accidently left my cash at home.  Could you just wait until my girl brings it?”  They agreed and two of the guys in the back seat got out of the car and the other 3 drove off.  I walked away pretending to give directions to Christian when in reality I was calling the police.  While I was waiting they revealed they just got out of jail for felony charges…I then got more ticked (not nervous) that they were out doing crimes again….

Twenty minutes passed and all of a sudden a swat of police cars surrounded us.  One cop came out and asked the two boys what they were doing.  They told him they were trying to sell me an iPod off of Craigslist.  He then asked me what I was doing.  I finally revealed what I was actually doing by saying, “I’m trying to buy my own iPod back.”  At that point, the boys knew they were caught. The police found a weapon and a few drugs in their possession.

After the long ordeal, the police talked to me and stated that they can’t officially charge them with burglary yet until they admit…since I didn’t report it soon enough but they can charge them with theft, & possession.

What a day, what a day. 1/2 the burglary ring was caught and the other half drove off. Cops told us to lock our windows and secure our house if we are going to be out of town b/c the other 1/2 was still out and about. Pray that they don’t try to retaliate at all..Thanks for listening.

Love God, Love People


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