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A Simple Prayer Request

Wow it’s been way too long for me to post an actual blog on my site..My apologies to whoever reads these posts. I don’t know about anybody else, but for me, it’s very difficult for me to go from typing a blog, saving it, and actually post it on the web. I have so many “saved” post that I could upload, but critiquing my own writings can be brutal!!


For the last several weeks, Christian & I have been in the process of searching for a car. We’ve praying and earnestly searching different websites for the “perfect” car. During this process, I felt in my heart that it was not in our “best interest” to finance for a car but rather pay for the car up right. With that thought in mind, it immediately changed our viewfrom looking at new cars, to used cars. The process has been tedious but yet exciting to be actually looking again. The cars that we have been looking at have been the Mazda 3’s or the 6’s so if you see one that is affordable, let us know.

The reason for this post is not simply to blog about our search for a car, but rather the way God has spoken to us in the midst of it. As I mentioned before, we felt in our heart that it wasn’t wise to go out and buy a new car since there are so many other things we could use that money for. Some many other needs that we can fill rather than having the simple “smell” of a new car.  That message was confirmed last Sunday at church during Altar Ministry. As I was headed to the front to pray for any person coming down with a prayer request, I immediately felt an impression on my heart that I was about to be “rocked”. This feeling is similar to what you might feel when you watch a dramatic movie that foreshadows anything that is about to happen.

As I was standing in the front with that gut wrenching feeling, I prayed silently to myself, “God, give me the words to say to whoever comes down in need.”…This is the same prayer I pray every single time I’m called down for Altar ministry. Usually after that simple prayer, I’m confident that my words will be edifying. I was uncertain this time.

As I peer into the crowd, I made eye contact with this little boy no older than a 4th or 5th grader. Immediately the little boy excuses himself from his row and walks down straight to me. I kneel down and I ask him, “Hey man, what can I pray for?” The little boy pauses for a second and then looks at me and this is our conversation:

Little Boy: “I want to pray for my dad”

Me: “Ok, what’s your dad going through?”

Little Boy: “I pray for my real dad all the time, but he hurt my mommy so they got a divorce. I want to pray for my future dad.”

Me: “Ok, are you saying that your mommy is about to get married again?”

Little Boy: “No, she’s still single, I just want a daddy..A new daddy. I want to pray for whoever he is, to be good to my mommy and me. My mommy is always sad and I think that would help….And I just want a new Dad.”

After I heard that, I had to take a moment before I could actually pray. Tears overflowed and immediately the Holy Spirit took over and reassured him that He was the little boy’s eternal Father. After that prayer,

After the boy left, I immediately felt the Holy Spirit ask me, “now what can I pray for?” (Romans 8:26) Funny how God can humble you & put your wants & needs into perspective. That question helped us weigh our options of do we really “need” a new car, or can a used one be sufficient right now?

My question to you is…..What are you praying for?


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